Experts Suggest Treatment for Those Suffering from Post-Bombing Anxiety

April 22, 2013 - Cross streets from Newbury to Boylston are still closed one week after the bombings as FBI agents continue their investigation.

People who are still struggling to return to their normal way of life in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings should seek treatment now.

The Boston Globe reports posttraumatic stress disorder might begin to show itself around now, four weeks removed from the April 15 attack at the marathon.

Signs could include avoidance of the Boylston Street finish line area, panic attacks triggered by street noise or an overwhelming sense of fear when riding public transportation, the Globe reports.

“While such symptoms commonly occur in the first few days or weeks after witnessing a traumatic event, they usually resolve on their own; if they don’t, mental health specialists often diagnose PTSD,” according to the story.

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