Girl and Rescued Kitten Reunited in South End

Myra, 5, and Paisley the kitten with an ARL supervisor.

Myra, 5, had been walking along the street with her mother in Roxbury when a sound she heard coming from a trash can stopped her in her tracks. 

There, wrapped in not one, but two plastic bags and inside a trash can, was a tiny gray and white kitten. 

Myra and her mother took the kitten home and called the Animal Rescue League, who determined the kitten was only five weeks old and needed special care. 

The kitten is now in foster care until she’s ready for adoption, but in the meantime, Myra got to take a special trip to the South End’s Animal Rescue League to be reuined with the kitten, who she named Paisley. 

Paisley has been in foster care for the past two weeks and has grown and filled out,” the Animal Rescue League wrote in a blog post. “Myra was so excited to see Paisley again and was thrilled to hear that she has already been adopted and will be going to her forever home very soon.”

In addition to her reunion with Paisley, Myra got a special tour of the animals at the shelter. 

“Thank you Myra for being mature beyond your years and for caring about animals so much!” said the Animal Rescue League. 

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