Lekker Home Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

When Lekker Home moved into its space at 1317 Washington St. ten years ago, most of the area was under construction, there were a few spread out businesses, and the sidewalks weren’t even finished. Maybe not a great sign for a couple of first time small business owners.

“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done,” said Curt Carpenter, who co-owns Lekker Home with his wife, Natalie, about opening up the store back in 2003. “But it was also the most exciting thing of my entire life.”

Both of the Carpenters had come from the corporate world, Curt, who worked in financial services in Boston, and Natalie, who worked for Ralph Lauren in New York. Wanting to take their lives in a different direction, and visiting Natalie’s parents in Amsterdam, the two hatched a plan to provide some of the unique European furniture and accessories in Boston that Americans just couldn’t get. 

“What’s killed a lot of the independent design stores is that they’re selling the same stuff the big boys have available, and it no longer makes them unique,” he said. “We go to trade shows and find the unique brand designs, and that’s what makes us different.”

And the store doesn’t just rely on its business in the South End. After importing the products to the U.S., Lekker Home either sells them in-store or online, distributing nationwide. 

The furniture and accessories for sale in-store and online is what you might expect from a modern European retailer – clean, sharp lines, bright color accents and practical pieces. 

Carpenter said that going forward, the couple might be looking to expand to a second store in South Boston, but for now, they’re taking care of their two small children, ages 2 and 4 months. 

“Thank you to those customers who brought us to this point, and we hope you’ll continue on this journey with us,” he said. “It’s not easy for independents, and we’ve got to stick together.”

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