Mass. To Install High Speed, Cashless Toll System

New high speed tolls would be better for drivers, but would put 400 toll takers out of work.

Want less waiting in line and sifting for loose change on the Mass Pike? According to state transportation officials, you’ll soon get your wish.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will install electronic tolling system that replaces the current E-ZPass and toll-taker set up with overhead censors that read E-ZPasses on cars traveling at high speeds and would generate a monthly bills to drivers who do not have an E-ZPass, according to WBUR.

The system would cost $ 100 million to build, but if the toll takers are eliminated, the system will pay for itself in about two to three years, the story says.

The new system could put about 400 toll collectors out of work, but some could be retained and placed in other state position, according to the story.

WBUR reports the Tobin Bridge tolls will be replaced by 2014 and the Mass Pike tolls will be gone before 2016.

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