Muddy River Project: Expect Loud Bangs Starting Apri 30

As if Boston residents haven’t been through enough recently, be ready to hear loud bangs three times a day starting April 30, all due to the Muddy River Restoration Project. 

Work on the $ 93 million Muddy River Restoration Project, an environmental, preservation and flood control project to address serious flooding and environmental issues along the Muddy River, started in February.

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department posted basic details on its Facebook page about “residents may hear a loud bang similar to a gunshot” three times a day, starting April 30 through May 10. 

“The bang lasts for a second and is in connection load testing for the $ 30.9 million Muddy River Flood Risk Management and Environmental Restoration project,” posted Boston Parks and Rec. 

For more on the Muddy River project construction click here.  

South End Patch