New Trash Pilot Program Starting March 1st

Trash left out a day early, according to the report.

Due to efforts by neighborhood associations, the South End Public Works Forum and the city of Boston to improve cleanliness on South End streets, a new pilot program will begin this week to test one way to reduce unwanted trash. 

Under the new program, residents who live in the area between Tremont Street, East/West Newton Street, Harrison Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue will have from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. to put their trash on the curb before morning pickup. The pilot program starts March 1st. 

Currently, residents can put trash out at 5 p.m., but with trash sitting on the street for longer, there is more opportunity for scanvengers and litter, according to the city. Under the new pilot program there is a $ 25 file for being cited by the city’s Code Enforcement Police (CEP). 

“We’ve had a long term involvement with a number of the South End neighborhood groups, and one of the major issues that has been frequently discussed is about street cleanliness,” said Matthew Mayrl, spokesperson for the Department of Public Works. “This was brought to us as a concept, but  we took some time to think it through and talk through how we might do it  to see if we can make a dent in street cleanliness through reduced place out times.”

Mayrl said he recognizes it may not be feasible for everyone, but that’s the point of the pilot – to see if it will work.

“Our goal here is to try to keep the streets as clean as possible, and this is something proposed to use by the neighborhood,” he said. “We know we like to see clearer streets in the South End, and we’re trying a bunch of different things and this is one of them.”

Are you excited about this new effort to keep South End streets cleaner, or are you worried that eight hours isn’t enough time to get your trash on the curb before pickup? Tell us in the comments. 

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