‘One Boston’ Tumblr Page Shares the Love

As the city of Boston attempts to go back to normal following the horrific events at this year’s marathon, it isn’t ready to just clean up and move on. 

Not when there was an outpouring of support from residents, children and people far and wide left at the site of the bombing and other sites around Copley Square.

In order to preserve the well-wishes and notes left for Boston, the city has created a Tumblr page to document it all to effectively memoralize the memorial. 

Browse through and see the artwork and adorably misspelled letters from children, and the uplifting messages of hope and faith left by adults. Remember how it felt to go through that week and to have an outpouring of support from friends, relatives and even strangers. And if you have something to share, you can submit it through the Tumbler page to be included. 

South End Patch