Remembering Boston’s Casualties of the Iraq War


By one count, the war is directly responsible for 189,000 deaths, not including those who died from hardship caused by the fighting.

CNN has a stunning map of all casualties in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

In all, 4,802 Americans and allies have died in the war, according to the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, including 77 Massachusetts soldiers and service members.

Among those lost were four people from Boston. From the CNN war casualties web site:

  • Joan Jose Duran, 24. Duran died Aug. 10, 2007 from non-combat-related injuries. 
  • Kyran Edward Kennedy, 43. Kennedy died Nov. 7, 2003 after his helicopter was shot down in Tikrit. There were six soldiers killed in the attack.
  • Daniel Jesus Londono, 22. Londono and two other soldiers died March 13, 2004 after their vehicle hit a roadside explosive.
  • Gregory Anthony Wright, 28. Wright died in Muqtadya Jan. 13, 2007 after a bomb went off near his vehicle.

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