Show Patch Your Easter PEEPs!

Credit Courtesy of PEEPs Company (Not a contest entry).

PEEPS, those famously delicious and delightful marshmallow candies, aren’t just for eating anymore. These days, crafty PEEPs creations are all the rage, from the White House front lawn, to re-creations of children’s books, historical settings and other unusual situations.

Think you can invent something fun with PEEPS? Now’s the time to show us!



Here’s how to get involved:

  • Create a work of art or diorama using PEEPS candies. It can be a local scene, something out of pop culture, a book or movie, or just something fun!

  • Then, upload a photo of your original PEEPS® design to this article. To upload a photo, you must be a registered Patch user. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right corner of the home page to create an account.

  • All photos must be uploaded by 5 p.m., March 27, 2013.

  • Each photo entry will be numbered, and Patch users will then vote for their favorite in the comments. Voting will take place from March 28-31.

  • The photo with the most votes will be posted in an article on April 2, so you can win the bragging rights of having the best PEEP creation!

Happy creating!




South End Patch