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Nominate a South End Leader for Boston’s ‘Greenovate’ Awards

Wilmette installed a rain garden on the North side of Village Hall.

If you know of a local leader in sustainability, you have until March 29th to submit them for recognition through Boston’s annual “Greenovate” awards. 

The Greenovate Boston Awards recognize local sustainability leaders in three different categories: Business, residential, and sustainable food leadership. 

“Through Greenovate Boston, the City of Boston continues to work closely with our residents, business and institutions to make Boston the greenest city in the country,” Mayor Menino said. “I look forward every year to celebrating the impressive work of our local environmental leaders and telling their story.”

Previously called the Mayor’s Green Awards, this year’s awards will reflect the adoption of Greenovate Boston, a collective movement and innovative approach to connect and motivate residents and businesses to help reach Mayor Menino’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020. read more


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Two of ‘Boston’s Finest’ Give Inside Scoop on the Show

Skye Robinson, left, of the Youth Violence Strike Force Unit, and Ryan Mason, of the Fugitive Unit, of the Boston Police Department. Both participated in being followed by 'Boston's Finest' cameras.

Two of the Boston Police Department officers featured on TNT’s “Boston’s Finest” reality show executive produced by Donnie Wahlberg spoke about having cameras following them, being on television, charity work and the New Kids on the Block. Ryan Mason, 34, from West Roxbury, and Skye Robinson, 32, from Roxbury, met up with Patch at Boston Police Headquarters at the same time. 

Patch: What unit are you in?

Mason: Fugitive Unit – citywide. I started in BPD in 2005, and started in the Fugitive Unit in 2010, before that I was in District 4 and B-3.

Robinson: I’m in the Youth Violence Strike Force. On the show it’s referred to as the gang unit. I started on BPD in 2006 in C-11 (Dorchester), and started in 2010 with the Youth Violence unit.

Patch: Were you given a choice to be on the show?


Mason: That’s a good question. We were. We weren’t completely forced into doing it. I saw it as a good opportunity to promote the two non-profits I’m involved with – Parkway in Motion, and Cops for Kids with Cancer. And TNT and Donnie (Wahlberg) have said they will include the charity work in upcoming episodes. read more


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Remembering Boston’s Casualties of the Iraq War


By one count, the war is directly responsible for 189,000 deaths, not including those who died from hardship caused by the fighting.

CNN has a stunning map of all casualties in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

In all, 4,802 Americans and allies have died in the war, according to the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, including 77 Massachusetts soldiers and service members.

Among those lost were four people from Boston. From the CNN war casualties web site:

Joan Jose Duran, 24. Duran died Aug. 10, 2007 from non-combat-related injuries. 

Kyran Edward Kennedy, 43. Kennedy died Nov. 7, 2003 after his helicopter was shot down in Tikrit. There were six soldiers killed in the attack.

Daniel Jesus Londono, 22. Londono and two other soldiers died March 13, 2004 after their vehicle hit a roadside explosive.

Gregory Anthony Wright, 28. Wright died in Muqtadya Jan. 13, 2007 after a bomb went off near his vehicle.

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South End Patch


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South End’s Genuine Interactive Named One of Boston’s Fastest Growing Businesses

Employees at Genuine Interactive

The South End’s Genuine Interactive has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in Massachusetts by the by the Boston Business Journal

More than 20 Boston businesses are being recognized as 2013 Pacesetters this spring for being among the 70 fastest growing private companies in Massachusetts—businesses that saw the most revenue growth over the past three years, with a revenue baseline of $ 1 million. 

Genuine’s executive creative director and co-founder Chris Pape, said he and CEO John Grayson founded the company seven years ago with a firm grasp on innovation through collaboration for the digital market. 

“I wanted to ceate an agency that produced impactful digital ideas and to do that, we needed to have all of the relevant digital thinkers in the room,” he said. “It’s paid off because the work we’ve produced has been really well received, gone viral or been hugely impactful, and it’s because we’re thinking in the digital space.” read more


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Boston’s New Rules to Curb Aggressive Solicitors


Looking to curb aggressive public solicitors, Boston banned solicitation in places such as bus shelters, parking lots, and within 10 feet of an ATM or financial institution.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino pushed for the city’s soliticitation rules to be updated and created a task force with police, neighborhoods leaders, and emergency personnel to stop solicitors from doing things like walking up and down traffic lanes.

“This measure does not (just) go after homeless people, but also aggressive solicitors,” said District 6 City Councilor Matt O’Malley, who led a recent hearing on the issue as chair of the Government Operations committee.

O’Malley, as well as other city councilors, including District 8’s Mike Ross, wanted to make it clear the changes were not criminalizing panhandling or homelessness. 

Specifically, solicitation was banned at the following: bus shelters, bus stops, parking lots or garages, sidewalk cafes, a line waiting to be admitted to a commercial establishment, or in a crosswalk.  read more


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What Did You Think of ‘Boston’s Finest?’

Donnie Wahlberg's new reality show, "Boston's Finest," follows Boston Police officers around the city. The crew filmed some pick-up shots in Charlestown in December.

Editor’s note: We’ll avoid any major plot details in this post, but we can’t swear the comments will remain spoiler free. If you want to comment about specifics, please be kind and add a spoiler alert to the top line. 

After weeks of hype, “Bostons Finest” finally premiered Wednesday night. The TNT reality series follows Boston Police officers as they patrol the city. The show opened to strong reviews and a litany of excited tweets from the department itself.

The first episode focused on a fugitive hunt in Southie and Dorchester, a melee in Hyde Park, and an officer’s bittersweet field trip to Lynn. And while other cop-based reality shows you’ve heard of focus on foot chases and shirtless arrests, “Boston’s Finest” took the time to introduce officers and tell their stories before getting into the nitty gritty of arrests and manhunts.

What did you think? Were you impressed by the first episode or did you find it wanting? Does the show reflect well on Boston and its police department? Tell us what you think in the comments below. And please, flag any spoilers before you begin! read more


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‘Boston’s Finest’ Premieres Wednesday


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Boston’s Parking Ban Will Be Lifted at 6 p.m. Tuesday Night

The city announced on Tuesday afternoon that due to recent strides made in snow removal from city streets, Boston’s snow emergency parking ban would be lifted at 6 p.m. Tuesday night.

“Our snow removal teams did great work throughout the night last night,” Mayor Menino said. “Our crews will be out there all day and again tonight as we continue to widen roads, make our schools safe for students, and respond to residents’ concerns about residential areas.”

Those who parked their cars in garages during the snow emergency have until 8 p.m. to move them before reduced rates expire. 

The city also announced certain streets will continue to be specified as “No Parking” while crews continue to remove snow.

The mayor also announced on Tuesday that Boston Public Schools would reopen on Wednesday.  

Snow Removal Progress
Through the city’s concentrated snow removal efforts on Monday night, the mayor’s office reported that 1,350 truck loads of snow were removed from roadways, and 70 streets were reached for snow removal during the overnight shift. Inspectional Services issued 350 citations between midnight and 7 a.m. for snow-related violations. read more


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