Two Candidates in Race for South End’s City Council District

As of Monday, May 13, which was the last day to pull nomination papers, two candidates were in the race for the South End’s District 2 city council race. 

Those candidates are South Boston’s Bill Linehan and Chinatown’s Suzanne Lee. 

If those names sound like deja vu, that’s because they are. The 2013 race is an exact copy of the 2011 race, which Linehan won over Lee by less than 100 votes. 

“I am confident that my first six years in office will stand up in comparison to anyone who has held office both as a State or City elected official from the neighborhoods of South Boston, South End, Chinatown, Bay Village, Downtown and look forward to continuing my efforts and improve on my ability to deliver for the people of District 2,” said Linehan in a statement. 

 “As I’ve continued to talk to residents throughout the district, I still hear concerns about jobs and liveable wages, about ensuring that every child has a quality education and about making Boston a place where families can find affordable housing options,” Lee said. “As City Councilor, I will build on my years of service to our communities and work hard to deliver the results that our families deserve.”

The two candidates have until May 21 to file their nomination papers at the Boston Election Department. Each needed 200 certified signatures to be elligible to run for office.

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