Who’s Running for Mayor?

The Boston Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing today regarding a variance request for 63 Rutherford Ave.

The low rumble you hear off in the distance isn’t thunder, it’s the stampede of Boston politicos jockeying for a mayoral run. With Tom Menino officially out of the next election, the thought of replacing him has many of Boston’s biggest political players lining up for a shot at the big chair. So far, it’s all talk—Candidates can’t apply for nomination papers until April 17, and have until May 21 to file the official paperwork.

But it’s hard to blame anyone for jumping early. The Boston mayorship has rarely changed hands in recent decades. Three men—Menino, Ray Flynn and Kevin White—have run the city for the last 45 years. By comparison, there have been five popes in the same time period. A non-incumbent election is a very rare opportunity. 

We’ve compiled the latest on the potential candidates to keep you abreast of the latest on who’s in, who’s out who’s playing coy when it comes to the upcoming mayoral election. Here’s how the field stands as of 11 a.m. Friday, April 5. 

Did we miss anyone? Is there anyone left to miss? Tell us in the comments with a link to their latest statement or quote and we’ll add it to the chart!

Who’s in (meaning they have announced they will run)

John Connolly, city councilor

Dan Conley, Suffolk County district attorney

Marty Walsh, state representative

William Dorcena, community activist

Charles Clemmons, TOUCH 106.1 FM co-founder

Rob Consalvo, city councilor

Who’s openly discussing a run

Felix Arroyo, city councilor

Mike Ross, city councilor

Who’s undecided/Not saying anything just yet

Ayanna Pressley, city councilor

Stephen Murphy, city council president

Charles Yancey, city councilor

Maura Hennigan, Suffolk County criminal court clerk

Jeffrey Sanchez, state representative

Who’s out (meaning they have publicly said they will not run for mayor)

Tito Jackson, city councilor

Sonia Chang-Diaz, state senator

Matt O’Malley, city councilor

Bill Linehan, city councilor

Russell Holmes, state representative

Paul Grogan, Boston Foundation president

Andrea Cabral, Massachusetts Public Safety Secretary

James Rooney, Massa­chusetts Convention Center Authority executive director

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