Will Patrick’s $1.9 Billion Tax Hike Pass?

Governor Deval Patrick

Governor Deval Patrick’s still bullish about his budget proposal, which will raise $ 1.9 billion in new revenue through an increase in the income tax, decrease in the sales tax, and various other changes to taxes, fees and deductions. But the men and women who have to pass the bill don’t sound as eager to support a package many see as a politically-damaging measure.

The Boston Herald quotes several Beacon Hill legislators who sounded notes of caution to outright opposition to the budget. Those quoted cited the 1990 election losses in the wake of an income tax increase, pressure on small businesses and the higher price of gas as reasons they were skeptical. And the governor’s new web tools touting proposed transportation and education projects in specific political districts hasn’t done much to warm the waters, according to the Herald.

What do you think? Is the governor’s budget dead on arrival, or does he have a shot at getting it passed? Would you pass this budget if you were a state senator? Does the state need the additional revenue or should it learn to live with the money it already collects? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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