200 One Fund Claims & Counting as Submission Deadline Passes

One Fund Boston funds will go to help the Boston Marathon victims.

The deadline to submit claims to One Fund Boston passed on June 15, and the last few are still coming in.

“We continue to receive claims that are timely filed – we are up to 200 – I expect we will receive deliveries all throughout the day and tomorrow that are timely filed,” said Camille Biros, deputy administrator of the One Fund, to Patch on Monday.

More than $ 47 million had been raised as of Monday morning by corporate and individual donors, according to the One Fund Boston website.

Biros said 188 submitted claims had been received as of June 14, adding she expects the total to rise by the end of Monday.

“Payments are right on schedule to be made beginning June 30 (July 1 since June 30 is a Sunday). Donations continue to be received by the One Fund Boston,” added Biros.

The three families who lost a loved one are expected to receive around $ 1 million each. 

Next, those who suffered double amputations or more will receive funds, then single amputees, then those who required an overnight hospital stay. The final protocol for dispersing funds can be viewed on the One Fund site.

Victims can read and download a Frequently Asked Questions section about One Fund Boston for filing claims.

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