5 Convertibles For Cruising This Spring

2013 Corvette Grand Sport

After a wild and wet winter, temperatures are slowly starting to rise in the Boston area. You’ve spent months cooped up in the house or swaddled in your hat and scarf waiting for your car to warm up. Wouldn’t it be nice to drop the rag top and enjoy the sun as you drive?

Below are five convertibles for sale, selected randomly from area dealerships. All cars in this list are listed for $ 75,000 or less. A little pricey, sure, but if you’re in a position to buy a second vehicle, don’t you want a dream car?

1. 2013 Porsche Boxster S, $ 74,455

This German import comes in “agate,” or dark grey. A new car, it has only 12 miles on the odometer. Under the hood is a six head, 24 valve, 3.4 liter engine and a six-speed manual transmission. Amenities include a Bose sound system. The car’s for sale at Herb Chambers Porsche

2. 2013 Audi S5 3.0T Quattro Premium Plus, $ 71,650

Another German import, this black Quattro has a 3.0 liter engine with supercharger for added power. The convertible comes with a seven-speed manual transmission with auto-shifters, adding to the sporty experience. You can find this car at Audi of Brookline on Route 9.

3. 2013 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, $ 74,805

The reigning, undisputed champion of American sports cars, this black convertible comes with a massive 6.2 liter engine. Aluminum wheels and nav system add to the ride. This car is for sale at Best Chevrolet on Derby Street in Hingham.

4. 2013 Mercedes Benz E350, $ 71,425

Painted “dolomite brown,” this convertible comes with a V6, 3.0 liter engine. It’s the first automatic on our list, with seven speeds. The car combines safety with style, adding curtain head air bags and traction control. You can find it at Flagship Motorcars on Broadway (Route 1) in Lynnfield.

5. 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, $ 71,500

It’s the only used car on this list, but used is the only way you’ll get an Aston Martin for less than $ 75,000. The 4.3 liter V8 engine comes with a sports shift transmission. Painted midnight blue, it comes with a very British-sounding “red fox” interior. The car is six years old but has only 17,236 miles. You can see it at Aston Martin of New England on Linden Street in Waltham. 

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