August Sales Tax Holiday Proposed Again

State Rep. Ed Coppinger, D-West Roxbury

State Rep. Ed Coppinger recently introduced late file legislation for a statewide sales tax holiday weekend in August.

“It was brought to my attention by a constituent of mine that legislation for a sales tax holiday had not been introduced for this year. It’s great to see how involved my constituents are – this bill will benefit both consumers and business owners across the Commonwealth,” said Coppinger, D-West Roxbury. “A sales tax holiday will enable individuals to save money while investing in our local businesses, which is vital for the improvement of our economy.”    

The proposed sales tax free holiday weekend would be Aug. 17 and 18. Coppinger pointed to past sales tax free holidays helping not only businesses during the slow summer months, but it also helps shoppers save money on large ticket items. 

If passed, the legislation would “apply to retail sales excluding any single item priced higher than $ 2,500.” The sales tax holiday would not apply to telecommunications, tobacco, gas, steam, electricity, motor vehicles, motorboats or meals. 

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