Boston Police Disrupt Alleged Men’s Room Drug Deal

Boston Police Department

The following information was supplied by the Boston Police Department. Charges listed do not indicate a conviction.

A call for suspicious activity at Boston Medical Center lead to the arrest of a South End man for drug possession on Friday.

Boston Police Officers responded to a report of a suspicious circumstance on the 7th floor of 725 Albany Street on February 22 around 10:45 a.m.

While conducting a routine patrol of 725 Albany Street, an officer reported he witnessed a man in a handicapped bathroom stall hand something to a man outside. The men denied that any transaction took place. The officer reported that both men looked panicked.

The officer conducted a query and found that one of the men was wanted on a warrant out of Brighton District Court. Officers placed the suspect in handcuffs and took him to the holding cell at Boston University Medical Campus.

Boston Police transferred the suspect to the District Four Police Station at During the booking process, the officers found two bags in his possession, one with brown powder believed to be herion and the other with white powder believed to be cocaine.

Giovanny Perdomo of 444 Harrison Avenue was charged with possession of a Class A substance and possession of a Class B substance. 

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