Boston Police Using a Honda Civic as ‘Bait’ for Car Thieves

Apparently, catching car thieves and fishing are more similar than you think. 

Thanks to a donation to the Boston Police Department, detectives will now be using “bait,” a 2000 Honda Civic, to catch car thieves in the city. 

The choice of a 2000 Honda Civic as “bait” was deliberate, as it’s listed as the most stolen car in Massachusetts. In Boston in 2012, 1,575 cars were reported stolen, according to the Boston Police Department, with 156 thefts reported in the South End’s D-4 area. 

The car was a donation from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which lists the Honda Civic as the most stolen vehicle in Massachusetts, according to the most recents statistics.

“The 2000 Honda Civic is used as bait for car thieves,” said Boston District 8 City Councilor Mike Ross, chair of the Committee on Public Safety. “(This was provided by) a grant written by one of our industrious police lieutenants to go after car thieves as we continue to have problems with (car thieves) in this city.”

Police have not released where and when the car will be used.

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