BRA Director Peter Meade To Retire in January

Boston Redevelopment Authority Director Peter Meade (pictured with Mayor Thomas Menino) announced plans this week to retire in January 2014, along with the mayor.

Boston Redevelopment Authority Director Peter Meade will be retiring in January, stepping down at the same time as Mayor Thomas Menino, the Boston Business Journal reported this week.

Appointed to the position in April 2011, Meade, 67, is considered a member of the mayor’s cabinet but also is appointed by the five-member BRA board, so he wouldn’t necessarily be ousted by the election of a new mayor, the article states.

But Meade told the BBJ that he is not interested in keeping the job under a new mayor, saying that, “I have a relationship with Mayor Menino that frankly I would never have with another mayor.”

Meade also said he had promised his family he would retire, according to the article.

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