Crime Down Overall in South End Since Last Year

Boston Police Department

Crime in the South End area is down overall, but there have been several recent house breaks in the area, according to the Boston Police Department. 

Captain Paul M. Ivens of the D-4 district said that crime in 2012 was down compared to 2011, which was down compared to 2010. According to Boston Police statistics, in the South End area, overall crime was down 10 percent. 

Captain Ivens said the area around Peter’s Park has been improving based on a concerted effort to interrogate everyone seen hanging around the area.

“They didn’t do anything wrong, but we know they were in this area on this date, and sometimes it helps us in other investigations,” he said. “People that don’t belong here, we make it uncomfortable for them to be here anymore. Once they are no longer anonymous they tend to leave.”

Captain Ivens said there were some recent house breaks in the South End, near Warren Avenue, and several suspects were arrested. 

“It has gotten better,” he said. “Is it perfect? No, but we keep striving and we keep hammering away.”

In the D-4 district, there were six homicides in 2012 compared to 2011. There were 29 rape cases or attempted rape cases compared to 33 last year, and robbery and attempted robbery were also down, 273 to 308. Burglary was also down, 524 in 2011 to 317 cases in 2012. 

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