Dic Donohue Continues Recovery After Firefight with Bombing Suspects

Richard "Dic" Donohue.

The MBTA officer seriously hurt in a gunfight with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects continues to recover from life-threatening injuries.

Richard “Dic” Donohue, 33, was hit in the leg April 19 in Watertown, Mass., authorities said.

Donohue is a police officer with the Massachusetts Bay Tranportation Authority. His wife, Kim, is from Exeter and graduated from Exeter High School in 2000.

“Right now Dic is making amazing strides,” Kim wrote in a post on a Facebook page that Donohue’s family is using to give updates on his recovery.

Authorities said Donohue lost a massive amount of blood. At one point, he went into cardiac arrest, according to Dr. Russell Nauta, a doctor at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Mass. where Donohue is being treated.

A pair of Watertown firefighters were instrumental in getting Donohue to a hospital after he was shot.

The MBTA Transit Police Benevolent Fund Inc. created a website to collect donations for Donohue’s recovery.

Donohue is a 1998 Winchester High School graduate. He graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 2002. Prior to joining the MBTA police force, he served as an officer for the U.S. Navy. He has a young son.

The bombing suspects, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, allegedly killed three people and injured more than 200 by detonating bombs near the finish line of the marathon. Tamerlan died during the confrontation with police, while Dzhokhar was captured in Watertown and will be tried in federal court. The brothers are also accused of killing MIT Officer Sean Collier prior to the Watertown shoot-out with Donohue and other officers.

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