Free EZ-Pass Transponders at AAA Offices

High-speed, cashless toll system.

With the summer travel season coming up, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation wants drivers to cut back on cash and link up to the EZ-Pass system.

MassDOT has joined AAA of Southern New England to make EZ-Pass transponders available at over 15 AAA offices, according to a press statement Thursday.

According to the statement, there are still over 155,000 daily cash transactions on toll roads throughout Massachusetts. With the state heading toward a cashless toll system beginning with the removal of cash tollbooths on the Tobin Bridge in early 2014, state transportation officials are encouraging motorists to get ahead of the changes by enrolling in the EZ-Pass program early.

“The availability of transponders at AAA branches is one way MassDOT is working to improve access to electronic toll collection so all motorists may enjoy the convenience of E-ZPass,” the MassDOT statement says.

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