Gov. Patrick on Manhunt Aftermath: “I Got Drunk”

Gov. Deval Patrick.

People on the streets of Boston weren’t the only ones drinking following the arrest of the lone living Boston Marathon bombing suspect April 19.

Gov. Deval Patrick had a few rounds himself, according to the Boston Herald.

The Herald reports that Patrick drove to Rouge, a bistro in West Stockbridge, Mass. Saturday, April 20, the day after authorities captured suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in a boat in Watertown, where he dined alone and was served numerous alcoholic beverages.

“By the end of the meal I was actually quite drunk, by myself,” he is quoted as saying in the paper.

Patrick offered candid insight into his decision making during the manhunt, the “shelter-in-place” order and the aftermath in a Q&A session hosted by HubSpot, a Cambridge marketing firm Wednesday.

Patrick detailed discussions he had with President Barack Obama, the reasoning behind a decision to let the FBI run the investigation and the admission that he wasn’t sure when (or if) the situation would be resolved.

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