How Much Snow Will the South End Get This Weekend?

WHDH's forecasted weekend snowfall amount. This map was produced Thursday morning.

All the experts agree: It’s going to snow in Boston this weekend. But how much and when the snow will start seems to be up in the air. Depending on whose map you used on Wednesday, Boston was in for either a few inches or a foot of heavy, wet snow.

By Thursday morning, however, all of the local news broadcasts started to fall in line on the same theme: The rain will linger along the coast and spare Boston from the heaviest snowfall totals. Here’s a look at the forecasts from the different local news station meteorologists. All these totals were updated Thursday morning:

WHDH (7 News): 4-8 inches

WLVI (NewsCenter 5): 4-8 inches

WBZ (CBS Local): 4-8 inches

WFXT (MyFox Boston): 4-8 inches along the immediate coast, but a potential for over a foot in Boston

NECN: Plowable snow (Instead of specific inches or feet of snow, NECN’s Matt Noyes prefers to use ranges of probability. So what does “plowable snow” mean?  “Essentially, you can consider this a minimum likely snow map, where plowable snow implies at least [2-4 inches],” wrote Noyes on his blog).

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