If I Were a Kid I Would Totally Do That… (Sponsored)

Ice cream trucks are just one reason to love summer.

Every June, I watch kids enviously as the school year dwindles and the excitement builds. Summer holds so much promise when you’re young: You can do practically anything now that you’re not spending six hours a day in school, your bedtime is extended, and you can sleep till quarter-past whenever. And there’s that whole, “no more teachers, no more books” thing.

Here are a few things I’d do this summer if I were still a kid — what would you do?

  • Time was on my side. Three months off — enough time to beat every video game I own, go creek stomping, perfect my Frisbee throw, swim in every pool on the block, build a tree fort, work my way through my reading list, and still get bored.
  • The ice cream truck. I hear the ice cream man and suddenly have the undeniable craving for a Rocket Pop that will turn my tongue purple. But it’s just not appropriate for a grown woman to go tearing down the street after a white van blaring “The Entertainer.”
  • Free vacations! As kids, we had all-expenses-paid trips to the beach, to Six Flags, and to theme parks. Of course we can still take those trips as adults and enjoy them with our own families, but now we know exactly how much they cost — a lot.
  • All-you-can-eat summer food. I miss the days of going to a cookout and eating whatever I wanted, the idea of counting calories was as foreign as minding my checking account balance. Seconds on dessert? Yes, please!
  • No responsibilities. As a kid you might have to take a turn mowing the lawn. As a grown up you have to do it every week. You also have to weed the garden, paint the shutters, wash the car, stain the deck and clean the grill… Permission to put my feet up? Granted. 

What about summer makes you miss being a kid? Tell us in the comments why you wish you were a kid again.

Need more summer inspiration? Grown Ups 2, starring Adam Sandler, comes to theaters July 12. 

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