Is Driving Really That Bad in Boston?

Traffic on Route 228 because of the exit 14 closure.

Bostonians have a (deserved?) reputation as terrible drivers, but a financial website says the city’s driving is awful even without the missing turn signals and tailgaters.

Financial site NerdWallet said Boston is the fifth worst driving city in America based on the price of gas, amount of traffic and population density. Boston’s ranked worse than legendary driving nightmare Washington, D.C. in the list.

“Boston drivers are known for being aggressive, and it’s no wonder they get frustrated—Boston drivers sit in 53 hours of traffic per year,” wrote NerdWallet.

How should drivers navigate such a spaghetti bowl of streets and traffic? NerdWallet helpfully pointed out that “the city has excellent public transportation, so a Charlie card may be a better investment than a car.”

What do you think? Is driving in Boston really that bad, or is this just an old assumption getting some new attention? Has driving in Boston gotten better in the years after the Big Dig? Worse? Do you rely on your bike, Hubway or the T to get around town? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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