Mayoral Candidates: Who Has the Most Money?

A $  100 bill.

There will be at least 12 candidates on the Sept. 24 ballot for mayor, as Boston’s Elections Department continues to certify signatures.

One candidate not yet to be certified is owner David Portnoy. 

While Portnoy may be more entertainment than a serious candidate to run City Hall, many of the candidates who are expected to garner the most votes have been certified well ahead of the June 25 deadline.

Follow the Money
District Attorney Dan Conley has the most money in his campaign with more than $ 1.1 million, according to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance’s website

At-Large City Councilor John Connolly has $ 564,000 for his campaign, followed by fellow city councilor District 8’s Mike Ross with $ 453,000.

State Rep. Marty Walsh, D-Dorchester, is next with $ 378,000, and then there is a financial drop off to District 5 City Councilor Rob Consalvo with $ 135,000, At-Large City Councilor Felix Arroyo with $ 128,000 and Bill Walczak with $ 127,000, in their campaign war chests.

District 4 City Councilor Charles Yancey has been certified to run for Boston mayor, as well as his district position, and has around $ 41,000 in his mayoral campaign account. He will have to decide whether he wants to run for his district seat or for mayor by July 2.

City Council Race
The city’s registrar and Elections Department are also working on certifying Boston City Council candidates. Already every district, except for District 3 with incumbent Frank Baker, has multiple candidates, with more likely to be on the ballot.

There are 18 at-large candidates certified for the ballot, including incumbents Stephen Murphy and Ayanna Pressley. For a full list of certified candidates so far, check out the PDF in the image gallery above.

The municipal election primary will be held on Sept. 24. The two mayoral candidates with the most votes in the primary will face off in the final election on Nov. 5.

The eight at-large Boston City Council candidates also will be voted on Nov. 5.

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