Menino Having Prostate Surgery on Friday

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is scheduled to have surgery later this week at Brigham and Women’s Hospital to reduce his enlarged prostate.

“This Friday Mayor Menino is having elective surgery to correct a very common issue among men of his age. The elective surgery will take a few hours and require a few days in the hospital and some recovery at home,” said Dot Joyce, press secretary for Boston. “The Mayor is expected to make a full and complete recovery. The Mayor and his family thank you again for your tremendous outpouring of support and concern and wants to reassure everyone that he will be fine.” 

The mayor’s primary care physician, Dr. Charles Morris said the surgery would shrink the mayor’s prostate in an effort to give him a better ability to empty his bladder, he told the Globe.

And Morris wanted to make it clear Menino’s surgery is not due to prostate cancer, he told the Globe, “This is being done for a benign, harmless condition that, nevertheless, causes symptoms that are noxious and unpleasant.”

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