New Public Art Unveiled at Animal Rescue League

Several hundred people came out in the heat on Friday to welcome a new privately funded, public work of at the Animal Rescue League of Boston in the South End. 

The new statue, called “Dancing with Spheres,” was commissioned by Brookline resident Tony Lopes and designed by artist David Phillips to evoke a sense of kindness towards animals, Phillips said.  

“My love of animals aligned with that of Tony’s,” he said. “When we both found that we loved animals so much we decided to approach the ARL and that’s the way it went,” he said. 

Lopes, a retired teacher donated all of the money needed for the statue. How much was needed, he did not say. But he did say he was extremely pleased with the final result. 

“He’s put so much extra effort into this work and I can’t believe how perfectly it came out,” Lopes said. “This incredible piece of work not only enriches the community, it enriches my life to know [Phillips.]”

The statue features several happy looking animals jumping or playing on or near trees, including a dog and cat that are holding hands, a lounging bunny, a frog, turtle, and even a squirrel.

“Not many squirrels are immortalized in bronze, I think,” said Phillips. 

Phillips said the design for the statue was greatly influenced by the ARL and even the space where it now sits, as he designed the statue in a way that it can be see from Tremont Street outside the ARL’s dog play yard. 

“‘Dancing with Spheres’ has a wonderful new home, and I am hoping a lot of people will see it,” said Phillips.

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