Should Boston College Punish Students for Handing Out Condoms on Campus?

Some Boston College students are in hot water with the university this week. The Jesuit school sent the students letters threatening them with disciplinary action for handing out condoms on campus.

The students, who are part of the group Boston College Students for Sexual Health, were giving away condoms from their dorm rooms, according to The rooms were called “Safe sites.” But the school has a policy against the distribution of contraceptives on school grounds.

Representatives for the health group said the move comes as a surprise. The university has known about the program for years but did not act until now, according to organization chair Lizzie Jekanowski.

Boston College, meanwhile, said the move was made to help students realize their actions did not conform with the schools stated policies.

“We recognize that, as a reflection of society at large, many students do not agree with the Church’s position on these issues. However, we ask those who do not agree to be respectful of our position, and circumspect in their private affairs,” said BC spokesman Jack Dunn in a statement to

What do you think? Should Boston College punish students for taking a pro-active stance against the school’s stated position on condoms? Or is this stifling free expression on campus? Students knew Boston College was a religious institution when they applied, so should they respect the church’s point of view while on campus? Tell you what you think in the comment section below.


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