State of the Race: More Hats in Mayoral Ring

The Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services will host an abutters meeting May 1 prior to a vote by the Zoning Board of Appeals.

In a mayoral race, sometimes an early favorite can dissuade other would-be contenders from starting a campaign. The 2013 Boston mayoral election is not one of those races.

Instead, the race has drawn several more contenders this week, and more still are mulling a run. The crowded field has led to what the Boston Herald’s Peter Gelzinis called “a shootout in a lifeboat,” with each candidate working feverishly to solidify his support in his own backyard. The swollen field will be reduced to two after the primary, and every new candidate lowers the total vote threshold needed to make the finals.

This past week, city councilors Mike Ross and Felix Arroyo joined the race, along with long-time Dorchester community activist Bill Walczak. That’s three more guys into an already all-male field.

What of the female candidates? Ayanna Pressley is now considering a run, as is YouthBild USA’s Charlotte Golar Richie. Maura Hennigan, who ran for mayor in 2005, decided this week to bow out of the race. Public Safety Secretary Andrea Cabral and State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz previously announced they would not run.

Below is the list of candidates would-be candidates, undecided and notable “No’s” as of Sunday, April 13. 

Did we miss anyone? Is there anyone left to miss? Tell us in the comments with a link to their latest statement or quote and we’ll add it to the chart!

Who’s in (meaning they have announced they will run)

John Connolly, city councilor

Dan Conley, Suffolk County district attorney

Marty Walsh, state representative

William Dorcena, community activist

Charles Clemmons, TOUCH 106.1 FM co-founder

Rob Consalvo, city councilor

Felix Arroyo, city councilor

Mike Ross, city councilor

Bill Walczak, Codman Square Health Center co-founder


Who’s seriously considering a run

Ayanna Pressley, city councilor

Charles Yancey, city councilor

John Barrios, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative executive director

Charlotte Golar Richie, YouthBuild USA vice president for public policy


Who’s undecided

Stephen Murphy, city council president

Jeffrey Sanchez, state representative


Who’s out (meaning they have publicly said they will not run for mayor)

Tito Jackson, city councilor

Sonia Chang-Diaz, state senator

Matt O’Malley, city councilor

Bill Linehan, city councilor

Russell Holmes, state representative

Paul Grogan, Boston Foundation president

Andrea Cabral, Massachusetts Public Safety Secretary

James Rooney, Massa­chusetts Convention Center Authority executive director

Maura Hennigan, Suffolk County criminal court clerk

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