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Group Aims to Hold ‘Last Mile’ Run/Walk from Kenmore to Finish Line on Saturday

  If you were one of the runners forced to end your Marathon early because of the bombings — or someone who just wants to show solidarity — a group is working to let you go “The Last Mile” on Saturday. Organizers are using Facebook to let people know of the effort. Here’s how they put it: So, as you have all heard by now, some coward likes to blow up trash cans. In doing so, this person or persons have hindered many from accomplishing something they have been training very hard to do over the past year. This is simple, we are going to Kenmore Square to finish the race for those who ran, and for those who can never run again. Share this with your friends, your families, your enemies, and anyone in between. Come join us and run, jog, walk, limp, wheel, or crawl that last mile. Organizers say they aren’t sure if they can get the proper permits in time. They also say that, clearly, if the stretch is still a crime scene they don’t want people jogging through and getting themselves arrested. Patch has reached out to organizers but hasn’t heard back from them yet. Some commenters on Facebook are saying it’s too soon for an event like this, with some pointing to the April 20 date (which is the anniversary of the Columbine Massacre) as a reason to choose a different day. Even if the last section of the Marathon is still cordoned off on Saturday, nearby Salem is hosting a “Last Mile” event of its own. Runners are gathering at the Salem Common at 6:45 p.m. Thursday. It’s part of a larger event including a candlelight vigil. Here is more information from the city of Salem. South End Patch


Posted by Massachusetts Legal Resources - April 18, 2013 at 12:56 pm

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