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South End’s Animal Rescue League Adoptions Up 15 Percent

Thanks to a concerted effort by the Animal Rescue League of Boston, 15 percent more homeless animals have been adopted so far in 2013. South End Patch News


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Hubway Rides Replace 13 Percent of Car Trips in Boston

Boston’s popular three-season bicycle share system has done more than provide residents with a quick, cheap mode of transportation, it’s taken a few cars off the road in the process. Nicole Freedman, director of bicycle programs for the city of Boston, said 13 percent of the 675,000 rides taken in the first two years of the Hubway system are “car replacement” rides, according to survey data collected by the city. In other words, those riders signaled that if not for their Hubway bike ride, they would be driving, Freedman said. That amounts to 87,750 rides that were taken on a bicycle as opposed to in a car. The Hubway system has been available to the public for about 240 days per year in its first two seasons, Freedman said. The system, which closes during winter months, opened in Boston July 20, 2011. SOUTH END PATCH: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail Updates South End Patch


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