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Study Shows Boston Will Be Underwater by 2100

A paper published in the 2013 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that only dramatic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions could save the city. South End Patch News


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VIDEO: Boylston Street Business Shows Support with ‘26.2together’ Signs

Two women from Breakaway Innovation Group on Boylston Street were at the Boston Marathon victims’ memorial at Boylston and Berkeley streets on Thursday afternoon handing out printed signs to show their support in the aftermath of Monday’s bombing. The small posters show a Boston skyline with an overlay of a red Boston “B” and text reading “26.2gether.” “We just thought it would be nice to print these out and give them to local places in support and solidarity for the whole community,” said Breakaway employee Megan Brock of Somerville. ProPrint on Boylston Street donated 250 copies of the poster. South End Patch


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