TV Show Filming in South End Next Week

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Hollywood will make an appearance in the South End next week, when ABC Network is going to film inside a Waltham Street home and on Harrison Avenue for a new TV series, according to the Eight Streets Neighborhood Association

The TV show is the new “Hatfields & McCoys,” a new drama from ABC set in Pittsburgh. The premise of the show revolves around the family feud between the two clans. 

Starting on March 13, neighbors will see movie trucks on Waltham Street, Washington Street and Harrison Avenue as crews set up the location. 

Actual filming will take place on Monday, March 18th. 

“Many of their production vehicles will be on Washington street or on Harrison Ave (where they are also filming), so we won’t have the whole ‘fleet’ of movie making trucks you usually see invading Waltham street,” according to the neighborhood association’s blog post. 

Finally, crews will be out on March 19th and 20th to deconstruct the set, pack up and leave. 

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