Wait Continues for ‘Severely Late’ Commuter Rail Cars

MBTA commuter rail.

In 2008, the MBTA bought 75 new commuter rail cars from Korean-based Hyundai Rotem, in 2013, the MBTA is still waiting for the cars to be delivered.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation Secretary and CEO Richard Davey said at a statehouse oversight committee hearing Tuesday the state is still waiting on 75 double-decker coaches for the commuter rail. The MBTA bought the coaches in 2008 from Korean company Hyundai Rotem.

“They are late, severely late,” Davey said.

He added, however, that MBTA engineers are satisfied with the quality of the cars.

Philadelphia and Los Angeles are in front of Boston in terms of waiting for the cars, but transit engineers in both cities are satisfied with the cars as well, Davey said.

“At this point while we’re very concerned about the delay,” he said. “The good news is these are not going to be lemons. If we were unhappy with the quality, we would not have tolerated the type of delay we’ve been watching. These types of cars don’t grow on trees.”

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