Clarendon at Tremont Street Intersection: Too Dangerous?

In a previous, “You Ask, Patch Answers,” column, several South End residents brought up the intersection of Clarendon Street at Tremont Street near the Boston Center for the Arts, and the confusion that occurs there on a regular basis about which lane can turn in which direction.

Reader Jim Smith said he’s concerned about the fact that it is legal for both lanes to turn in both directions onto Tremont. 

“I think there’s a huge amount of confusion when most folks in the left lane on Clarendon are preparing to turn right onto Waltham and sometimes the right lane from Clarendon turning left onto Tremont attempts to go straight toward Berkeley Street causing a near collision,” Smith said. “I think that signs and street marking should be installed indication “right lane must turn right” and “left lane must turn left” from Clarendon but haven’t made any headway. I’m wondering if others have had the same thought/experience there.”

Others quickly chimed in, including Roberto Rovenolt, who said he lives next to the interstion and has seen many near collisions.

 “If I hear a loud cacophony of car horns at rush hour, I can be pretty certain of the cause,” he said. 

Since this wasn’t really a question and was more of a suggestion, for this week’s column, I wanted to turn it over to you, South End residents.  Should the city put a sign reading: Right lane must turn right? Left lane must turn left? Do you think the intersection works fine the way it is, or is it too dangerous?

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