Police Disrupt Alleged Drug Deal on Northampton Street

Boston Police Department

The following information was supplied by the Boston Police Department. Charges listed do not indicate convictions.

Boston Police arrested a man for allegedly selling heroin on Northampton Street on Monday. 

While on patrol in the area of Northampton street, police said they observed a white female wearing a brown winter coat head into 35 Northampton St. and meet up with a white male in the hallway of the building.

Officers exited their unmarked car and walked into the building and waited for the elevator with the woman and the suspect. Officers reportedly determined that the suspect had the physical appearance of a drug user.

When the elevator arrived, all parties entered. The woman and the suspect got out at the 10th floor, where they were met by a Hispanic male in the hallway. Officers exited the elevator and said they observed a hand-to-hand transaction between the man in the hallway and the woman. The suspect handed the Hispanic man some cash and he handed the suspect a bag of tan powder believed to be heroin. As soon as the transaction took place, the detective knocked the bag out of the suspect’s hands, police said. 

The detective announced that he was with the police and a brief struggle ensued, according to the report. The suspect went for the bag on the floor while the woman and the Hispanic male fled. The man dropped $ 30 on the floor while fleeing, which the suspect gave him for the bag.

Officers arrested Michael McCole of 794 Mass Ave., and charged him with possession of a Class A substance. 

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