Residents Shocked, Scared and Obeying Shelter-in-Place Order

Suspect #2


Shock, fear and an eerie sense of quiet has quickly taken over the Boston area while one of the largest manhunts in the history American history continues.

“Shock. Utter shock,” wrote Erika Hunt on Jamaica Plain’s Facebook page. “Thankful for (Facebook) and the ability to keep in touch with everyone.”

“Living in Boston right now is scary. I love Boston, but looking forward to moving down south in the fall,” wrote Mishelle Westling on West Roxbury Patch’s Facebook page.

“Hope they get the kid and end this,” wrote Heidi Kreuter on West Roxbury Patch’s Facebook page.

Concern for children, whether it be about the actual events, or being trapped inside, is a common thread.

“Seems quiet outside,” said Liam Sulllivan on JP’s Patch’s Facebook page. “The kids are already getting cabin fever inside.”

“I feel sad for our children. This is a scary world,” wrote Liz Ryan on West Roxbury Patch’s Facebook page.

Others offered suggestions on how to deal with the stress once the “stay-in-shelter” is lifted.

“Might be time to go to the garden and take a life break,” wrote John McLachlan on the South End Patch’s Facebook page.

Some wondered when they could leave their homes for some of life’s necessities.

“Where can I go to get more coffee. Need Coffee in Charlestown! #BostonStrong” one Charlestown resident wrote on Twitter.

Less than 10 minutes later, she posted: “Excellent neighbors in Charlestown. One just knocked on my door and brought me coffee. #BostonStrong

Others were trying to look at the silver lining, while issuing concern for others.

“I am happy to pay my taxes,” wrote Alice Andrus on South End Patch’s Facebook page.

“A bit anxious. Harvard is closed today — thinking about the essential staff who might be required to go to work. Worried about my foster daughter who is at UMass Dartmouth — the fugitive lived in the dorm next to hers and everyone is on lockdown,” wrote Randi Ellingboe on JP Patch’s Facebook page.

“I am trusting in law enforcement officials. I am trying to feel calm while I am safe in my home and I am feeling glad that my 93-year-old father is safe in his rehab facility. Stay safe everyone,” wrote Rosanne Runfola on West Roxbury Patch’s Facebook page.

“My husband was already at work by 7 a.m. this morning. First time ever, I told him to stay there,” wrote Ann Williams on JP Patch’s Facebook page. 

“My partner and I are respecting the shelter-in-place order, neither of us has gone to work. I work for state gov’t (non-law enforcement), so I’ve been told to stay home. Haven’t checked outside yet, just glued to FB, twitter, and WBUR,” wrote Tyler Crosby on JP Patch’s Facebook’s page.

While some showed the American spirit of not backing down.

“I’m happy to live in a neighborhood where the following just happened: Just got milk at Foodies (it is practically in my building) and it was nearly empty and the atmosphere tense until a man in his 60s announces in a loud voice, ‘If he comes in here, I’ll whup his ass.’ Everyone laughed, tension broken,” wrote Mark Krone on South End Patch’s Facebook page.

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