South End Answers: Tree Removal on Columbus Ave

The trees were removed due to a public safety hazard, according to the city.

In this week’s “You Ask, Patch Answers” column, where we find the answers to your questions, a South End reader asked about a large tree that was being taken down on Columbus Ave on Friday.

“Any idea why they are taking down a huge tree over on Columbus Ave today? Seems unnecessary?” Reader Dave wrote in via Twitter. 

To find out the answer, I reached out to Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department, which is in charge of all tree removal in Boston. 

The large tree, an 80-year-old elm, was taken down on Friday at Carter Playground, 709 Columbus Ave., because it has Dutch Elm disease. 

“The Department hopes that by removing this tree we will prevent other elms in the park from being contaminated,” said Jacquelyn Goddard, a Parks Department spokesperson. “The Department will be conducting routine examinations during the year to inspect the rest of the tree stock to see if other elms remain healthy.”

A related reminder to residents and business owners: A hearing must be held for the removal of any street trees in the city. The city issued fines earlier this year to business owners who removed trees without permission. 

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