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South End Answers: Tree Removal on Columbus Ave

The trees were removed due to a public safety hazard, according to the city.

In this week’s “You Ask, Patch Answers” column, where we find the answers to your questions, a South End reader asked about a large tree that was being taken down on Columbus Ave on Friday.

“Any idea why they are taking down a huge tree over on Columbus Ave today? Seems unnecessary?” Reader Dave wrote in via Twitter. 

To find out the answer, I reached out to Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department, which is in charge of all tree removal in Boston. 

The large tree, an 80-year-old elm, was taken down on Friday at Carter Playground, 709 Columbus Ave., because it has Dutch Elm disease. 

“The Department hopes that by removing this tree we will prevent other elms in the park from being contaminated,” said Jacquelyn Goddard, a Parks Department spokesperson. “The Department will be conducting routine examinations during the year to inspect the rest of the tree stock to see if other elms remain healthy.” read more


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City Taps Out $17.8 Million Budget for Snow Removal

One of the many plows out clearing local roads.

Before this most recent storm had even started, the city had overspent its $ 17.8 million snow removal budget, with costs so far coming in at $ 18.1 million.

However, that’s not to say the city can’t continue to clean up after snowstorms, according to the city’s chief financial officer, Meredith Weenick.

Weenick said that the city’s $ 2.5 billion budget should be able to take on the extra costs of this year’s snow removal through surpluses in other areas.

“It all falls to the bottom line,” Weenick said. “Over the course of the year, we watch the budget, and based on my projections, I feel confident that the known surpluses will cover the projected deficits, and even the potential for the next storm,” she said. 

The $ 18.1 million overall winter of 2013 total roughly breaks down into:

$ 2.7 million spent before the Blizzard of 2013

$ 13 million spent on the blizzard itself, with $ 7 million on plowing and $ 5 million on snow removal

$ 2.6 million on March 8th storm

Weenick said that in terms of city spending on snow removal, the city views snow plowing a public safety issue. read more


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More than 300 Snow Removal Tickets Issued in South End in February

Shoveling snow - safely. (Patch file photo.)

If your property or business received a ticket for improper snow removal related to the Blizzard of 2013, you’re not alone. More than 300 South End property owners and businesses faced fines and tickets related to snow removal, according to city data.

The fines, at anywhere from $ 25 to $ 300 depending on the offense, were issued for violations such as clearing snow from private property back onto city streets, or failing to clear 42″ worth of sidewalk space in front of property. 

Overall in Boston, 2,413 tickets were issued in the month of February, according to the Boston Globe, which compiled the city’s public records. 

Below is a list of the number of snow removal tickets and fines issued in February by the city for each South End Ward: 

Ward 4 – Fenway, South End, Back Bay – 44
Ward 8 – South End, Roxbury – 208
Ward 9 – South End, Roxbury – 57

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Week in Review: Taylor Street Controversy, Tree Removal on Tremont

The following were the top articles on South End Patch from Jan. 29 to Feb. 1st, 2013:

Taylor Street Wooden House Renovations Blocked by Neighborhood

The historic wooden house at 8-10 Taylor Street, built in 1899, was approved for renovations by all city agencies, but progress is currently stalled due to neighborhood concerns.

Neighbors on Taylor St. House Demolition: Conditions Were Unsafe

The original stop work order put on the 8-10 Taylor Street wooden house property was because of environmental and project concerns, neighbors say. Now, it’s related to an entirely different issue.

Police Disrupt Alleged Drug Deal on Northampton Street

Boston Police arrested a man for allegedly selling heroin on Northampton Street on Monday.

Letter: Tree Removal on Tremont Street Comes as a Surprise

A South End resident is looking for answers about 655 Tremont Street’s tree removal.

Removed Tremont St. Trees Presented Public Safety Hazard, According to City

After residents reached out to question why several large trees were removed from the Tremont/W.Brookline Street corner, the Boston Parks Department provided its reasoning.

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Letter: Tree Removal on Tremont Street Comes as a Surprise

Dear Editor,

This morning I woke up to the pleasant noise of chain saws and wood chippers outside my windows.

I look out and the city has cut down 3-4 beautiful trees that lined our street. There was no notice of this happening, and they destroyed my privacy and curb appeal. 

I know that other residents of the area were upset as well. The trees were beautiful and healthy. They withstood the winds of Sandy without breaking a limb. 

The trees were located alongside the building 655 Tremont Street on W. Brookline where Gold Gallery is. 

My windows are directly above Gold Gallery looking out onto W. Brookline. I now have no privacy, and the street looks horrible. They also destroyed our brick sidewalk in the process. 

I thought I would bring this to your attention so we can get some neighborhood awareness about this, and prevent things like this happening in the future. 

Let me know if you have any questions, and go take a look; it is bad! read more


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