South End Man Charged with Shooting Heroin in Boston Medical Center Men’s Room

Boston Police Department

Boston Police Officers responded to a report of an unresponsive male locked in a bathroom stall at Boston Medical Center at 840 Harrison Avenue at 3:45 p.m. on March 4.

Upon arrival, officers reported that they found an unresponsive male slouched over the toilet in a locked stall with a hypodermic needle exposed and an aluminum container with a brown colored cooked residue consistent with heroin located on the bathroom floor.

The officer called for the in-house medical staff for a possible overdose and broke open the lock to check on the well being of the suspect.

The suspect came to, but was disoriented. He sat on the toilet with his sleeve rolled up and the officer reportedly observed a mark from a recent injection. The officer asked if the man was OK. The suspect reportedly replied that he had “just shot some heroin.” As the officer went to help the suspect stand up, the officer reportedly saw a small bag of brown powder fall from the suspect’s waistband.

The officer called off the medical response. The suspect claimed that he did not know anything about the baggie of powder and that “the heroin belonged to a friend.” The suspect told officer that he had come to the hospital to shoot up and that he had no medical business there.

The officer searched the suspect and found three transparent plastic baggies containing brown powder, two hypodermic needles and two metallic caps used for cooking, one containing brown powder residue and burn marks.

The needles were properly disposed of and the bags were taken in as evidence.

Officers arrested Jorge Luis Lugo of 444 Harrison Avenue and charged him with possession of a Class A substance with intent to distribute. 

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