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Silva v. Todisco Services, Inc. (Lawyers Weekly No. 09-027-18)

COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS SUFFOLK, ss. SUPERIOR COURT. 1684CV02778-BLS2 ____________________ CHRISTOPHER SILVA, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated v. TODISCO SERVICES, INC. d/b/a Todisco Towing ____________________ MEMORANDUM AND ORDER ON PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR CLASS CERTIFICATION Todisco Services, Inc., towed Christopher Silva’s motor vehicle without his consent from a private parking lot. This was a “trespass tow,” made at the request of the property owner or manager pursuant to G.L. c. 266, § 120D. Silva alleges that the mileage charge and fuel surcharge imposed by Todisco were illegal because the invoice or tow slip did not include information required by 220 C.M.R. § 272.03, a Department of Public Utilities (“DPU”) regulation that establishes maximum rates for involuntary tows. Silva asserts claims for violation of G.L. c. 93A, declaratory relief, negligent misrepresentation, intentional fraud, and unjust enrichment. Silva has moved to certify a class of plaintiffs whose passenger vehicles were towed without their consent by Todisco, either as a trespass tow or as a “police tow” made at the request of a local police department, and who were assessed similar surcharges without being provided information required by the DPU regulation. Todisco asserts that this action is moot because Todisco tendered payment of the full treble damages Silva seeks for himself under G.L. c. 93A. In the alternative Todisco urges the Court either to deny class certification completely or to certify a narrower class consisting only of people subjected to trespass tows. The Court concludes that Todisco’s attempt to “pick off” the named plaintiff did not moot Silva’s individual claims or the class action. It will allow the class certification motion in part and, in the exercise of its discretion, will certify a class of “trespass tow” plaintiffs for the purposes of the claims asserted under c. 93A and for declaratory relief. But it will deny the motion to the extent that Silva seeks to include “police tow” plaintiffs in the class, and to the extent that he seeks to certify a class with respect to the misrepresentation, fraud, and unjust enrichment claims. – 2 – 1. Effect of Tender to Named Plaintiff. Todisco argues that Silva’s individual claims are moot, and that therefore class certification is inappropriate,1 because Todisco has already tendered the maximum amount of compensation that Silva himself could possibly recover in this action. Silva (or his son acting on his behalf) paid Todisco $ 169.00 to regain his vehicle after Todisco had towed it. In May 2017, almost 20 months after Silva filed this suit, Todisco sent Silva a check for three times that amount ($ 507.00). Todisco said in its cover letter that it tendered this payment “without any conditions and/or restrictions.” Silva responded by saying […]


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