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PHOTOS: Boston Celebrates Bombing Suspect’s Capture

Boston Conservatory students (left to right) Matthew Rodin, Gavin Parmley, Beka Burnham, Rachel Giannattasio and Alexis Schear celebrate the capture of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect on Friday, April 19, 2013, near Copley Square.

After a long day trapped indoors under a citywide lockdown, Boston residents were eager to hit the streets Friday night to celebrate the apprehension of the two suspects believed responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing and to celebrate the end of what many called a “very long week.”

By 11 p.m., Boston Common was filled with hundreds of people, many college-aged, who stood around in clusters wearing and waving American flags, cheering and breaking into song—“God Bless America,” “The Star-Spangled Banner” and that old Boston favorite, “Sweet Caroline.”

A huge group of people filled the Common’s bandstand, climbing the poles and one another’s shoulders, hanging over the edge and leading chants of “USA, USA!” and “BPD! BPD!”

Another chant: “We got him!”

Others lined up to shake the hands of Boston police officers who stood off to the side keeping an eye on the crowd, while others shouted, “Thank you! God bless!” at them. read more


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Elation: Scene of Watertown Capture of Marathon Bombing Suspect

Watertown residents cheer the police officers and firefighters who brought the Boston Marathon Bomber into custody.

It took a few minutes, but when reality sank in that the second Boston Marathon bomber had been captured in Watertown – their town – the crowd’s mood changed; it became like a victory parade for a Red Sox world championship.

After watching the scene in the chilly damp night, being up all night and cooped up all day made, it was extra sweet when the words “suspect in custody” came over the police radio.

Two hours earlier, I had been contemplating a second helping of chicken stirfry when the words rarely heard in Watertown came crackling over the scanner: “Shots fired.”

My wife, Jen, and I froze and then went into a frenzy. We grabbed our coats and every camera we could get our hands on and jumped in the car. The scene was just two blocks away.

Mt. Auburn Street — Watertown’s main thoroughfare — was already blocked off when we got there. Dozens of police talked nervously. Then came a “pop, pop.” Then another, followed by a few more. It was not clear whether they were gas canisters, gun shots, or both. read more


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With Capture of Second Bomber, Week of Terror Comes to End

New photos released by the FBI show a close-up shot of the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

After 102 hours of terror, mourning, striving and struggle, police have killed one and captured the second marathon bomber suspects. With both of the bombers accounted for, law enforcement believe they have nabbed the men responsible for the deadliest domestic bombing attack in the 21st century.

A hair-raising Friday night chase and firefight led to the death of MIT police officer Sean Collier, the shooting of Transit Police officer Richard Donohue, a dead suspect and another in handcuffs. Along the way, nearly one million greater Boston residents were trapped in their homes as the suspects tossed explosives engaged in heavy arms fire with police, and finally (after one was killed) the survivor barricaded himself in a Watertown house.

The deadly night started on the MIT campus, when Collier was shot and killed after responding to an armed robbery at a 7-Eleven. The officer reportedly sustained multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office. The campus was placed in lock down around midnight. read more


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