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Cleanup Organizer Sees a Future of Smaller Footprints

Cleaning up the Coolidge Hill Summit.

Pat Conaway admits he is “kind of a nut” about the environment, so when he retired from teaching in 2008, it didn’t take long for him to find a number of productive ways to spend his time. 

“I wanted to get people fired up about the environment, to try to encourage citizens to get involved locally,” said Conaway, founder of Big Hearts, Little Feet. 

A nearly constant presence on area roadways, trails and waterways, Conaway can be found leading groups of volunteers, including many students, to pick up trash, improve trails and remove invasive species.

From beer cans to soda and coffee cups, trash tossed by the roadside washes into local rivers and, if left alone, eventually finds its way to the ocean, where scientists have found plastic particles outnumber zooplankton that sustain fish and other species.

But Conaway believes the real source of the trash is a societal disconnect.  read more


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PHOTOS: Neighborhood Cleanup Day at Harriet Tubman Park

Dana and Janet Spiffing up the sidewalks.

Last weekend, several South End residents got together to spruce up Harriet Tubman Park, an annual cleanup that takes on special significance this year.

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of Harriet Tubman’s death, a fact not lost on the volunteers who came out to spruce up the park. 

“There is special significance to cleaning up the park named after her, which also features the first statue honoring a woman on Boston-owned property,” said Scott Mabel of the Pilot Block Neighborhood Association.

While several neighbors raked, swept, and weeded the park, others cleaned up the sidewalks and alley entrance areas, he said. About 15 people volunteered in all to clean up the park and some of the nearby alley areas.

The park also features an interesting geo-cache, where more than 80 people have already logged their visits to the park. 

Mabel said he frequently sees visitors to the park posing with the statue and taking a second to reflect on Tubman’s historical significance.  read more


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