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MBTA Unleashes Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

MBTA countdown clocks at South Station. The station now has WiFi.

Three bomb-sniffing dogs were led into service along the MBTA this week.

The Metro’s Boston edition reported Monday the three dogs – Moxie, Shifty and Wire – completed tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, completing weeks of training to get them used to working around civilians.

The Metro also published a photo gallery of the dogs with their transit police counterparts Tuesday. 

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MSPCA-Angell: Watch Out for Dogs in Hot Weather


The following is a message from MSPCA-Angell, headquartered in Jamaica Plain:

In anticipation of…warming temperatures, veterinarians at Angell Animal Medical Center are cautioning dog owners to take greater care in acclimating their pets to the heat, as the first few days of Spring bring the greatest risk of overheating. 

According to Dr. Kiko Bracker, a veterinarian in Angell’s Emergency & Critical Care Unit, dogs at the greatest risk of suffering heat-related illness during the Spring are older, brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds or those with existing illnesses affecting their respiratory tract or heart.  Studies in humans repeatedly show that people need two to three weeks to acclimatize to warmer temperatures—and the veterinary community believes the same holds true for dogs.

“It takes on average about two to three weeks for dogs to become tolerant of warmer temperatures,” said Dr. Bracker.  “Now that the sun is shining and temperatures are warming it’s natural to want to head out for long walks or runs with our pets—but we must all take great care to avoid overheating our dogs, which can lead to heat stroke and, in some instances, death.” read more


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News Nearby: Off-Leash Areas for Dogs on Common, Second JT and Jay-Z Show at Fenway

Everyone loves dogs!

While we do our best to focus on news and events directly concerning the South End, sometimes it’s nice to know what’s going on in other Boston neighborhoods. Welcome to the weekly regional news roundup, which will bring you the top news from other Boston neighborhoods this week.

Beacon Hill: Parks Department OKs Off-Leash Dog Areas on Common – The city’s Parks Department approved a plan Monday to designate parts of the Boston Common for off-leash dog recreation areas, but a date hasn’t been set for when the program will begin.

Back Bay: Back Bay Hotel Now Officially a Loew’s Property  With a champagne toast, the iconic Back Bay Hotel officially became the Loews Boston Back Bay Hotel Thursday. The Loews Hotels & Resorts chain announced plans to buy the building, at the corner of Berkeley and Stuart streets, last month. It had been owned since 2009 by the Doyle Collection, a Dublin company specializing in upscale hotels.  read more


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Local Author Selling Children’s Book on Dogs in South End

Katie Bazaz with Scott Fayner's dogs.

When author and journalist Scott Fayner was trying to decide what his next project would be, he looked around him. And saw dogs. Lots of dogs. 

That’s because at the time, Fayner was working at a dog daycare facility. Talk about drawing inspiration from your daily life.

Fayner said he grew up with dogs and knew a lot about dogs, so the idea just seemed natural to him.

“I wanted to help children learn from a young age about breeds and their characteristics and energy levels, so when they grow up they’ll have a better knowledge about which ones to choose,” he said. “If you have a breed like a Jack Russel Terrier in an apartment when you work all day they will ruin your house, and they end up in pounds, so it was a great project to help try to prevent that.”

His new book, written with co-author Katie Bazaz, is called the ABCs of DOGs, and takes children through all the different dog breeds from A-Z, with two dogs for each letter of the alphabet. On the last page is a place for children to imagine their own type of dog breed with the characteristics that they like the best.  read more


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