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America’s Test Kitchen Inc. v. Kimball, et al. (Lawyers Weekly No. 09-033-18)

COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS SUFFOLK, ss. SUPERIOR COURT. 1684CV03325-BLS2 ____________________ AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN INC., as the Sole General Partner of America’s Test Kitchen Limited Partnership v. CHRISTOPHER KIMBALL and Others1 ____________________ MEMORANDUM AND ORDER ON CROSS-MOTIONS TO COMPEL PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS Christopher Kimball, Melissa Baldino, Christine Gordon, and Deborah Broide used to work for America’s Test Kitchen on a television cooking show and on related programming and publications distributed through various media. This lawsuit concerns and arises from their development of a competing business. ATK brought suit first. Kimball and CPK Media, LLC, asserted counterclaims. The Court will refer to America’s Test Kitchen, Inc., and America’s Test Kitchen Limited Partnership as the “ATK Parties” and to Defendants as the “CPK Media Parties.” The parties have filed cross-motions to compel the production of documents withheld under a claim of privilege or litigation work product. The party asserting that a particular set of documents is protected from disclosure by the attorney-client privilege or the work product doctrine has the burden of proving that contention. See Commissioner of Revenue v. Comcast, 453 Mass. 293, 304 & 315 (2009); Hanover Ins. Co. v. Rapo & Jepsen Ins. Services, Inc., 449 Mass. 609, 619-620 (2007). The Court will allow the ATK Parties’ motion to the extent that it seeks production of any disputed communications with Matthew Sutton or those disputed communications with William Thorndike that are not protected by the work product doctrine. It will deny the ATK Parties’ motion to the extent that it seeks production of protected work product in communications with Thorndike, or the production of any disputed communications with Melissa Baldino or Thomas Hagopian. And it will deny the CPK Media Parties’ motion in its entirety, as to communications with ATK’s public relations consultants, with its lawyers, or among its board members. 1 CPK Media, LLC; Melissa Baldino; Christine Gordon; Deborah Broide; CPK Holdco, LLC; and William Thorndike. – 2 – 1. The ATK Parties’ Motion to Compel. 1.1. Matthew Sutton. The CPK Media Parties have withheld communications with Mr. Sutton regarding legal advice sought by or provided to CPK Media LLC on the ground that those communications are protected by the attorney-client privilege. They argue that (i) this privilege protects confidential communications that share legal advice with a client’s employee who is needed to understand or implement that advice, or that concern information known to the employee that is needed to inform or formulate requests for legal advice; (ii) the same is true regarding similar communications with someone who is the functional equivalent of an employee; (iii) Sutton was the functional equivalent of an employee of CPK Media LLC and was involved in seeking and making sense of legal advice for […]


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