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Today in the South End: Fountains Return to Parks

As of July 29, both fountains were restored and re-installed in Franklin and Blackstone Parks. (Credit: Laura Herrera)

Find out what's important to know in the South End today, July 30, 2013.
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City Fighting Beetles in Boston’s Parks

Bark beetle devastation.

The city of Boston is expanding its beetle-fighting program to help stop the spread of the nasty elm bark beetle that threatens to destroy trees in the city’s parks.

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department has placed 24 traps in location around the Emerald Necklace and Copley Square to help stop the spread of the beetle. The program first started last year. 

This year, six traps have been placed on Boston Common, five in the Public Garden, five in the Fenway Victory Garden, five on side streets along Commonwealth Avenue Mall, two along the Muddy River, and one in Copley Square.  This doubles last year’s placement of a dozen traps.

The traps consist of 18.5″x 28″ green plywood boxes mounted  approximately 15 feet off the ground on trees located at least 150 feet away from any elms. Each trap contains a paper lining with a sticky surface that acts like old fashioned flypaper.  The paper is infused with a pheromone lure to attract the insects. The traps contain no pesticides or harmful chemicals, the city said. read more


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Boston Gets High Marks for Parks

Residents are determined to "take back" the Dartmouth Pocket Park, pictured in this photo gallery 10 years ago.

Bostonians regularly enjoy our parks, whether it’s large like Boston Common or small like Ringgold Park. But according to new national rankings, Boston’s parks are some of the best in the entire country.

Boston’s parks were ranked third in the United States by the Trust for Public Land, tying with San Francisco and Sacramento, and coming in just shy of Minneapolis and New York City. 

The ranking report used mapping technology and demographic data to determine how well the 50 largest cities in the United States are meeting the need for parks, including how much access citizens have to parks and park amenities. 

“We are proud of the fact that Boston has so many easily accessible parks and welcome the recognition,” Mayor Thomas Menino said. “From the pastoral expanses of the world-famous Emerald Necklace to our smallest neighborhood playground, Boston’s residents have a wide variety of well maintained parks providing them with opportunities to exercise or just relax within a short walk from their homes.” read more


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New Boston Parks App To Be Unveiled Thursday

The new Boston Green Map app features a detailed, easy-to-use listing of Greater Boston’s parks and open spaces, plus details about each site’s facilities, such as playing fields, walking trails and beaches.

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council will present an update on the Hubway bike share program and introduce a new Web app that helps connect residents to the many parks and open spaces available in Greater Boston during a Brown Bag Lunch event on Thursday.

“As Hubway’s third season gets rolling, we will take a look back at the results of the first two seasons. Does Hubway make it easier for people to get around? Are Metro-Boston residents getting more exercise because of Hubway? Who is using Hubway, and who isn’t? We will look at these questions and more, including the environmental and economic impact of Hubway, and whether Hubway is making the Boston region more bike-friendly,” MAPC said in a press release about the event, which will be held Thursday from 12-1 p.m. at MAPC headquarters, 60 Temple Place, Boston, in the third-floor conference room.

The Hubway bike share system features more than 80 stations all over Boston and in Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville. read more


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Renovations Continue at Blackstone and Franklin Square Parks

A backhoe sits inside the gates at Franklin Square Park.

If you’ve walked by either Blackstone or Franklin Parks on Washington Street lately, you’ll notice the large fountains are gone, and in their place is a chain link fence and a backhoe. 

Fear not – the “please excuse our appearance” look in both parks will be gone by late spring, according to newly elected Friends of the Blackstone Square Parks president Courtney Troutman.

The $ 600K fountain restoration project is slated to be done by mid-May, said Troutman.

“With the recent snowstorms, they’ve been delayed in starting the excavation, but soon they will start soon, and that’s the big part of the project,” he said. 

The new pumping stations will be built underneath the new Blackstone and Franklin Squares restored fountains, and will serve to recycle water used within the fountain as opposed to running a city water line to it and sending water down the drain.  read more


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