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Outpatient Victims to Receive One Fund Boston Payments

One Fund Boston funds will go to help the Boston Marathon victims.

Boston Marathon bombing victims being treated as outpatients at Boston-area hospitals are eligible to receive One Fund Boston payments. 

Claims are now being accepted through June 15, and money will start being handed out on June 30 on a rolling basis, according to One Fund Boston’s website.

The final protocol and prioritization for victims was also released through the website. Individual death claims, double amputees and those who suffered permanent brain damage are the top priority. Previously, One Fund Boston administrator Kenneth Feinberg had estimated the families of the three victims who died from the bombings could receive $ 1 million.

“Money is a pretty poor substitute,” Feinberg said at one of the Town Hall meetings held to discuss the protocol of how funds would be distributed. “Money is a pretty poor substitute of what you’re going through and what the people who are suffering are going through.” read more


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Families of Marathon Bombing Victims Could Receive $1 Million Each

Victims and family members of the Boston Marathon bombings attended a town hall meeting on May 6, 2013, at the Copley Library, to learn about how funds would be dispersed from One Fund Boston.

One Fund Boston administrator Kenneth Feinberg led a Town Hall meeting on Monday to discuss how funds will be distributed to victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Feinberg, who helped distribute the private funds for victims of 9/11, the Aurora, CO theater shooting and the Virginia Tech shooting, said the final protocol for fund distribution will be completed by May 15. 

The One Fund Boston currently has $ 28 million pledged, with $ 11 million in cash, Feinberg said in a publicly broadcast meeting from the Copley Public Library.

Feinberg reiterated that it was possible the families of the four victims could be given a million dollars. Initial protocol listed different levels of compensation for double and single amputees. 

“Whatever we do with this fund is inadequate. Lower your expectations of this fund. If you had a billion you wouldn’t have enough money to … compensate people,” Feinberg said. read more


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