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Are Tolls a Good Way to Finance Roads?

High-speed, cashless toll system.

Drivers who live in the towns and cities along the Massachusetts Turnpike west of Route 128 are used to paying tolls.

However, in 2009 the state wrote into a law a deadline for the tolls along Interstate 90 to be taken down once the state’s highway debt is paid off, according to the Boston Business Journal Wednesday. The site reports that date is Jan. 1, 2017 as of now.

The state does plan to get rid of the tollbooths as currently constituted in one form by installing a high-speed all-electronic tolling system that bills drivers as they zip through. This change will take effect as early as next year on the Tobin Bridge.

BBJ reports that top state Department of Transportation official Richard Davey wants to roll the MassPike tolls west of Route 128 in with this plan, thus canceling the previous plan to get rid of tolling along this section of the Pike altogether.

Do you think tolling is a good way to continue to finance the state’s infrastructure needs, or would it be best for transportation officials to take the tolls down and find another way? Leave your opinion in the comments.  read more


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Roads to Be Repaved in the South End This Summer

Attention folks: There’s summer construction ahead for many South End streets. 

The city of Boston announced this week they plan resurface 45 miles of road as well as 1,400 pedestrian ramps, with 14 of them in the South End area, including Worcester Square, East Brookline Street, and Union Park. 

“Our residents deserve the best roads and sidewalks in their neighborhoods. Not only are clean and safe passages a matter of public safety, they also help support our small businesses,” Mayor Menino said in a statement. “We’re looking forward to our best year yet in getting our roadways and pedestrian ramps ready for another great summer in Boston.” 

Proposed work for 2013 will exceed the amount of work conducted in 2012, which was the most “productive” construction season in the last decade according to Menino’s office.

The Public Works Department will spend a total of $ 13.75 million to resurfacing roads in 2013, according to Menino’s office. Of that money, Menino’s office said $ 10 million was freed up from the street cut account, which collects roadway restoration fees through the city permitting process. read more


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